What the heck is RangeBox? Play the video.

The Mission:

RangeBox is going to revolutionize the way of gifting by simplifying the packaging process and banishing wrapping paper.

The Value Proposition

  • Simple and effortless boxing.

    Neither wrapping skills nor much time nor steady nerves needed to pack your gift.

  • Prepared for the future.

    Unconventional designs and a generous range of sizes enable reuse at any occasion.

  • Conservation of environment.

    Usage of 100% high-quality cardboard and water-based ink ensures outstanding durability and recyclability.


What is the problem you aim to solve?

Our world is suffering from pollution. This tragic degradation of the environment mainly comes from us humans. One of the biggest factors is unnecessary packaging and especially wrapping. Particularly at Christmas time, we tend to use cute laminated, color dyed or metalized gift wraps. They might look pretty but the truth is: Those wrapping papers take part in destroying not just our planet but also thousands and thousands of animal and plant species.

The amount of gift wrap people use annually in Germany is enough to cover 7000 football fields. In the UK, the wasted wrapping paper at Christmas could stretch to the moon if each sheet was laid end to end (a fact even shared on gov.uk/).

Besides this problem, we noticed that a majority of innocent people perceive the necessity of wrapping their gifts before they can share them as a serious pain. Sometimes, there is just neither time nor pleasure for that. You know what? We feel the pain, too!

What is your solution?

We created an alternative to gift wraps to make the first move. Instead of using wrapping paper to pack your gift, you can choose to use a RangeBox. You don’t even need wrapping skills, a lot of time or steady nerves to pack!

The big advantage to usual gift boxes is that RangeBoxes are flexible in capacity which means you can pack in gifts in different sizes. You don’t have to struggle with finding a box with perfect measurements for your gift.

How do RangeBoxes work?

Our boxes work with springs that always respond to their center. By that, you can be sure your gift always fits and is protected from collisions. Since they are well constructed and made of high-quality cardboard, we can assure you outstanding durability.

Even if you can’t regift a RangeBox anymore, disposal is simplified as well. We were mindful not to use any other materials next to cardboard: no sponge, no rubber, no metal. We did that to spare you the task of separating waste correctly before disposal. RangeBoxes are utterly recyclable!